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Hey guys! This is my 50th post and I’m asking the question. Which US Coin is your favorite to collect? Do you prefer some older coins like the Bust coins, Seated Liberty coins or Barber coins, or would you rather collect coins from the 20th and 21st centuries. I’ve spent some of the posts here speaking of some of my favorites. Here are a few of them.

Kennedy Half Dollar

In one of my earliest posts, I mentioned that my favorite US coin was the Kennedy Half Dollar. It’s probably because I grew up with them. You have the 1964 halves which was the last circulated 90% silver half. About 3% of the 1964 Proof Halves had accented hairs above the ear. Then you had five years of the 40% silver halves including the key 1970-D. There was also the bicentennial halves which had a different reverse and special 40% halves in uncirculated and proof. 1998 had a Matte Proof Kennedy which had only 62,500 minted. Recently the Kennedy Half Dollar had its 50th anniversary and had a Proof from Philadelphia, an Uncirculated from Denver, an Enhanced Uncirculated from San Francisco and Reverse Proof from West Point. There was also a gold half dollar released in 2014.


1928 Peace Dollar

In another early post, I spoke about Peace Dollars. Though Morgan Dollars are more popular, I thought it would be easier to collect the 24 Peace Dollars. As of this post, I had all but the 1934-S which is one of the three dates. The other two are the 1921 and 1928. It will probably be tough to get an uncirculated 1934-S which is currently valued at $1,800. I’ll probably have to settle for on in Almost Uncirculated or even Extremely Fine. Peace Dollars were around from 1921 to 1935 and would be the last 90% circulated silver dollars. There were some 1964-D Peace Dollars minted, but when it seemed that people would be hoarding them then spending them, the US government had them all minted. Occasionally, you’ll hear rumors that there may be a few that made it away from the mint.



A short set that I enjoyed putting together was the Wartime Nickels Set. With nickel being need for the war effort, some Jefferson Nickels in 1942 and all nickels between 1943 and 1945 would be composed of 35% silver. This would be the only time that nickels would have silver. This would also be the first time a ‘P’ mint mark would appear for Philadelphia. The mint marks would also be larger and above Monticello on the reverse. There are 11 nickels in the set, 12 if you include the 1942-P Proof. I have the 11 nickels and am considering obtaining the proof to complete the set.


Here is a sample of my coin collection. So, I ask again. What’s your favorite US coin? I would think the most popular US coins to collect are the Lincoln Cents and Morgan Dollars. When I go to Coin Shows, those are the ones I mostly see. I would guess Morgan Dollars are popular for their silver content and that the number of silver dollars are decreasing because of melting. Lincoln Cents are popular to kids, though like me, will probably not have the key dates like the 1909-S VDB and the 1914-D.

Also, since this is my 50th post, I want to ask you how you like my blog so far? Is there any topic or coin you would like to know more about? Please let me know. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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8 thoughts on “Which is your Favorite US Coin

  • JRay


    Your site is great. It is informative with helpful details to anyone interested in starting to collect coins or have been collecting for years. You provide great research that creates credibility and trust.

    I enjoyed browsing through your site and learning about the history of coins.

    I like that you have an interactive “fun” area for your visitors to engage and have some fun on your site.

    Ultimately, I enjoyed visiting your site and reading about coins.

    The way you provide the content and have laid it out is nice. It moves along as the reader desires to engage more, they can. It not overwhelming to absorb. You provide what is needed and a bit of what you know.

    Your 35 years definitely shows within your site. It was a pleasure visiting.

    All the best,


  • Eddie S Warner

    You have a very informative, very cool site they got the nerdy side of me going. My grandfather used to hand out 1900 to 1901 silver dollars. My uncle Delton use to hand out $2 bills. I like the way the website set up, and it makes me wish that I still have my grandfather’s coin collection but, when were kids, what are we really keep you know? Best of luck. Nice website!

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment Eddie! I have silver $1 and $5 certificates but not $2. I have a half sheet of $2 from a big Boston Coin Show about 20 years ago. Unfortunately, they’re not silver certificates but modern. When my grandmother past away, I got a blue pouch of 3 coins that she had promised me, 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar, 1936 Rhode Island Commemorative and an 1850-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar. I wrote about them in an earlier post as it reminded me of my time with my Grandmother.

  • Adrian

    Hi Kevin, You have a very interesting site. I have a South African coin collection myself. It’s something that one can really get passionate about. I like the layout of your site. It’s easy to navigate through and your content is very informative. I’m definitely going to use your site to help me with my coin collection. Thanks for presenting this great website.

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for your comment Adrian! I’m glad you liked my site. When I was a kid, I collected World Coins as well, but I haven’t look at it for a long time. So, I don’t know if I have any South African coins. Good luck on your collection and come back again!

  • Val

    Great article Kevin and your website is user friendly. I have been following you on twitter and i like what you have been sharing with your audience. I have a website on precious metal also. I just opened a forum (http://buypreciousmetal.com/precious-metals-forum/) and i think your expertise is just what i have been looking for to share some of your knowledge with my audience.

    Check it out when you have a little chance.