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April 2nd was the 225th Anniversary of the first US Coinage Act which included establishing a US Mint. On April 5th, I visited the US Mint in Philadelphia for the first time. Philadelphia is the 2nd closest US Mint to me. West Point is actually closer to home, but I’m […]

A Visit to the Mint

A few posts ago, I mentioned about the US Mint secretly releasing a Lincoln Cent with, for the first time, a ‘P’ mint mark. At that time, I hadn’t found one, but a week ago, I found the cent above in change. The mint mark on this penny was done as part of […]

225 Years

In 1792, the United States was just starting out as a new nation, George Washington was its President, Kentucky became its 15th state, and Philadelphia was its capital and second largest city. Philadelphia would house the first US mint, being that the majority of the United States population at the time was […]

Charlotte, to a Coin Collector