Melt Value

Melt value is the value of a coin based on only it’s precious metal’s value. Occasionally I will find a silver coin in change or in a bank roll. Due to it being worn over time, a coin dealer will most likely put the value of that coin on how much silver is in it. Of, course key or rarer dates may the price up above melt value.

Melt value is calculated by the amount of silver or gold is in that coin (in ounces) times the current price of silver and gold.

Below I made a chart of Silver Coins and what their melt value would be if the current price of silver was $20 an ounce.

Denomination % Silver Weight of Silver
(troy ounces)
(If Silver Was $20 an ounce)
Nickels (1942-1945) 35% 0.0563 $1.13
Dimes (before 1965) 90% 0.0723 $1.45
Quarters (before 1965) 90% 0.1808 $3.62
Half Dollars (before 1965) 90% 0.3617 $7.23
Half Dollars (1965 – 1970) 40% 0.1479 $2.96
Dollars (till 1935) 90% 0.7734 $15.47
Eisenhower Silver Dollars 40% 0.3161 $6.32
American Eagle Dollars 99.93% 1.0000 $20.00
America the Beautiful Silver Bullion 99.93% 5.0000 $100.00

This is just an example. These amounts will increase/decrease depending on the current price of silver. I hope this gives you a better understanding of melt value.