A while back, I wrote about going through some cent and nickel rolls to see what I would find. Going through 10 cent rolls, I did not find one Lincoln Wheat Cent, not one. The earliest date that I discovered was a 1959 Lincoln Memorial Cent. Now I know people […]

Coin Roll Hunters 2

Seeing that there have been West Point Lincoln Cents and Washington Quarters released in 2019, I thought it would be interesting to talk about that Mint Branch. Back in 2017, I visited the Philadelphia Mint Building and got to see the history of US coins, but there is a mint […]

West Point Mint

In January 2019, the United States was introduced to a 2019-W Proof Lincoln Cent that was included in the 2019 Proof Set. Collectors were excited about this until they received the Proof Set. The 2019-W Lincoln Cent was in its separate plastic container. The US mint did not even put […]

2019 West Point Quarters

Back in 2017, the US Mint celebrated the 225th Anniversary of the US Mint by adding a ‘P’ mint mark to all of the Philadelphia Lincoln Cents for the first and only time. The thing about these ‘P’ cents is that you didn’t have to buy them since they were […]

2019 West Point Cents

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my local coin store to look for a coin album for my completed Peace Dollar collection. After searching the store, the owner said he didn’t have any at the moment, but would order one for me. While there, I noticed a number […]

Coin Collecting Folders

I vaguely remember the moment it happened as I was a very young child in 1969,, but I remember hearing a lot about it. The year saw many young Americans fighting a war in Asia, a tremendous musical festival in upstate New York, and the last album released by the […]

Apollo 11 Commemoratives