2019 was a big year for getting coins minted from the West Point Mint. For the collectors, there were three West Point Lincoln Cents. First, there was the proof cent included with the Proof Set. Then, there was the reverse proof cent included with the Silver Proof Set. Lastly came […]

2020 West Point Nickels

Well, here we go again. I was wondering if they would do this again, and it sounds like they will. In 2019, the West Point Mint released circulated coins for the first time with the “W” mint mark. They did mint Lincoln Cents in the 1970s and 1980s, but there […]

2020 West Point Quarters

In my previous article, I mentioned that 2019 was not a good year for me personally. A week before Thanksgiving, I lost my mom. As sad as I was that she passed away, I’m grateful that she died in her sleep peacefully in her own bed at the age of […]

My First Coin Collecting Influence

Happy New Year to all! 2019 is gone and personally, I will not miss it. I’ll explain why in my next article. Before writing this, I was looking at what I wrote here in 2019. Guess what! I only wrote 10 articles! Can you believe it? Sad, but true. Hopefully, […]

Coin Resolutions of 2020

What if I told you that we may see a Morgan or Peace Dollar in the future? It could be a possibility if Congress passes H.R. 3757. If passed, there could be 2021 Commemorative Morgan and Peace Dollars. These coins will commemorate the centennial of the last year of Morgan […]

Return of the Silver Dollar?

Denver is one of four US Mint branches currently minting coins, along with Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point. I always thought the Philadelphia Mint was the highest producer of coins in the world, but it is actually the Denver Mint that produces more. If you look at circulating coins […]

Denver to a Coin Collector