2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the San Francisco Mint producing mint set. To commemorate the anniversary, a reverse proof set will be minted for the first time.  The First Reverse Proof Set As I stated earlier, the 2018 Reverse Proof Set will be the first of its kind […]

Reverse Proof Set

I’ve spoken about Wartime Nickels in the past, but thought I would build a post just about them. After all, I did build a nice set of MS-67 certified silver nickels. One nice thing about these Jefferson Nickels is that you can find them occasionally in change and nickel rolls. […]

Jefferson Silver War Nickels

A few months back, I purchased some cent and nickel rolls from the bank to see what I could find. I did find a 1942-P Silver Jefferson Nickel, but not a single Wheat Cent. I thought I would get a few, but the oldest penny I saw was a 1959 […]

2009 Lincoln Pennies

When you think of coins from the early 20th century, you would probably mention Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes and Walking Liberty Half Dollars. What about Standing Liberty Quarters? These quarters were first minted at a time when the design of US Coins was changing, but people weren’t fond of them […]

Collecting Standing Liberty Quarters

The year 1857 saw tough times not only in the United States, but internationally as well. Slavery here in the US was a big topic, but an even bigger topic was 1857 would be the first time that there was a worldwide economic crisis. One of the reasons behind this […]

Collecting Indian Head Cents

Hard to believe that there was a period that the circulating coins we used had silver and gold content. There was even a time when silver was included in various coins from the Three Cent Pieces to the Dollar. Today, we only find silver in special collector coins and Commemoratives. […]

Silver Content of US Coins