As 2020 comes to a close, one historical event still remains, the arrival of the Pilgrims to America in 1620. In November 1620, they landed in what is now known as Provincetown, MA at the northern tip of Cape Cod. It wouldn’t be until December that Plymouth would be founded. […]

Thanksgiving Day Coins

It’s March 2020, and if you’re like me, you’ve been told to stay home until further notice. The world is going through a pandemic that hasn’t been seen in our lifetime. States are closing borders and people are getting sick and losing their jobs. I’ve been lucky so far as […]

Coin Collector Stuck At Home

Previously, I purchased cent and nickel rolls from the bank looking for wheat cents and silver nickels. This time, I thought I would do more hunting by purchasing quarter rolls. Of course, I’m looking for silver quarters, but now, I also want to find West Point quarters from 2019 and […]

Coin Roll Hunters 3

A while back, I spoke about building a Wartime Nickel Set where every nickel was graded Mint State 67. Back in the late 1990s, I started purchasing them between EBay and Coin Shows. Each of them was graded and slabbed by NGC. I’ll explain about slabbed coins in a bit. […]

A Slabbed Coin Album

For the first forty years, the US Mint was only located in Philadelphia. People were starting to move west toward the Mississippi River and the Louisiana Purchase was bought by the French in 1803 extending the United States as far west as the Rocky Mountains. Gold was also being discovered, […]

New Orleans to a Coin Collector

There’s nothing more satisfying to a coin collector than finishing up a coin folder. That was true 40 years ago when my friend Bob and I would go through our Whitman folders and find empty holes that we wanted to fill. Some of them were easy to complete. That includes […]

Coin Collectors Filling Holes