My Coin Collecting Bucket List 6

Looking online, I have seen my people talk about their bucket lists. Some simple,1934-S Peace Dollar some not so simple. So, I thought I would come up with own coin collecting bucket list. Here is what I have so far:

  1. Visit every current and previous US Mint sites:
    1. Philadelphia
    2. Denver
    3. San Francisco – current and “Old Mint”
    4. West Point
    5. New Orleans – now part of the Louisiana State Museum
    6. Charlotte – now the Mint Museum of Art
    7. Carson City – now Nevada State Museum
    8. Dahlonega, GA – building burned down in 1878, but the Dahlonega Gold 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent ObverseMuseum Historic Site may be worth visiting
  2. 1934-S Peace Dollar to complete the set
  3. finish my Type Set – currently have 50 of the 79
  4. 1942-P Proof Jefferson Nickel in NGC slab to complete my Wartime Nickels set
  5. 1932-D Washington Quarter Uncirculated
  6. 1909-S VDB and 1914-D Lincoln Cents
  7. Carson City Morgan Dollar
  8. Indian Head Quarter Eagle Gold Set
  9. One coin each from Charlotte and Dahlonega mints
  10. Complete Slab Set of Kennedy Half Dollars
  11. Short Set of Uncirculated Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1941-1947)

I think this is enough for a bucket list. It would take a long time just to do this. If you are a coin collector, what would be your bucket list?

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6 thoughts on “My Coin Collecting Bucket List

  • Brandy

    Great idea to have a bucket list focused on your coin collecting passion. It’s doable, as well!

    I’ve been to the Nevada state museum and Philadelphia mint and they are pretty fascinating. Even my friend who is not in to coins enjoyed visiting Philadelphia. I would love to visit all the mints, as well. The history is incredible.

    • Kevin Post author

      It is doable, but it will take time to complete. I’ve been to Philadelphia in the past, but never made it to the mint. Next time I go, I’m going to make it a point to get there. Someone from my coin club went to Carson City and said he really enjoyed the museum. Thanks for telling me about your experience!

  • Chris

    Interesting post and a really presented list. I collect US military and commemorative coins and my most treasured possession is the personal coin of the US Secretary of State for Defense. Do you also collect commemorative coins ?

    Thank you for sharing your list. Good luck with your journey !

    • Kevin Post author

      I do have some commemoratives including my home state of RI but don’t have many. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Secretary of Defense coin. Good luck on your collecting.

  • jazzy323

    Wow I have always been interested in coin collecting and how the history began. Although I am not a coin collector, I wanted to know whether this list is just for collection purposes, or do they have a higher financial value as they get older? Also are the coins you get with magazines authentic?

    • Kevin Post author

      It is more for collecting but some of them could go towards investing, especially the gold coins. I would think most of the ones in coin magazines should be ok, but other magazines, I would be cautious about.