Morgan and Peace Dollars Make a Comeback

I remember 2021 very well. I went online around noon to order the last Morgan Dollar and the only Peace Dollar that would be released. It looked like I got in, but had to wait 10 minutes…20 minutes…30 minutes and onward. Finally, I refreshed the screen and it took me out of the mint website. Turns out I, and many other collectors, would not even get the opportunity to purchase either dollar. Because of the lack of silver planchets, only 175,000 of each coin was produced. With that low of a mintage, it was no surprise that they would sell out quickly. Reminds me of when you would try to call Ticketmaster 20 years ago to purchase concert tickets and the concert would be sold out within 15 minutes.

Though I got nowhere that day, I would still see the complete set at my next coin club meeting. One dealer was able to get all five Morgan Dollars and the Peace Dollar. I definitely did not have enough for all of them, but he had a couple;of extra Morgans with the Carson City “CC” privy marks that he would sell for $25 above mint price. I ended up buying one and giving it to my friend for his birthday. He also tried to get them from the mint online, with no luck. Remembering that I had completed a 1921 to 1935 Peace Dollar set, he gave me the 2021 Peace Dollar for Christmas. At least we each had one.

2022 Dollars?

With the popularity of the 2021 Dollars, the US Mint considered producing uncirculated and proof Morgan and Peace Dollars annually. They would just do Philadelphia and San Francisco and start them in 2022, but once again they were low on silver planchets. As a result, they would hold off doing these silver dollars for 2022.

A Return in 2023?

The mint decided to start doing an annual series in 2023. I hope they do, but with them continuously low on silver planchets, we’ll see. To start, they will mint uncirculated Morgan and Peace Dollars in Philadelphia as well as proof Morgan and Peace Dollars in San Francisco. As a bonus, they will have reverse proof Morgan and Peace Dollars as a two-coin set. As my friend said, we could finally own proof Morgan and Peace Dollars as well as the first reverse proof versions. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the reverse proof dollars. That was one of the reasons I was collecting the Innovation Dollars which they were originally doing individually.

Like 2021 dollars, they will be made of .9999 silver, which will be more than the original dollars at 90% silver. They will look the same as the 2021 dollars in detail.

One noticeable difference with the Morgan Dollars will not include privy marks. The privy marks were only a one time deal to show each mint mark from former US mint branches that would appear on the reverse of the original Morgan Dollars: “O” for New Orleans, and “CC” for Carson City.

Possible 2023 Information

This mint information was as of July 23, 2022. Any of this could change.

Coin Condition Mint Max. Mintage Price
Morgan Dollar Uncirculated Philadelphia 275,000 $67.00
Peace Dollar Uncirculated Philadelphia 275,000 $67.00
Morgan Dollar Proof San Francisco 400,000 $73.00
Peace Dollar Proof San Francisco 400,000 $73.00
Two Coin Set Reverse Proof San Francisco 250,000 $175.00

Enrollment Program

Collectors can now enroll with the US Mint for each of the coins above starting in 2023 and every year after. Here is the link: United States Mint Morgan and Peace Dollar Enrollment Program.

Hopefully, with the higher mintages and the enrollment program, we will be able to get all of these silver dollars without getting froze up on the website when they do come out.

Are You Looking Forward To Seeing These Dollars Annually?

Like I said earlier, I’m looking forward to seeing these silver dollars released annually. It would have been nice if they could have been a little cheaper. After all, the price of silver is currently under $20 an ounce.

I’ve always liked Peace Dollars and was glad to get the last one in 2018 after getting the other 23 between 1998 and 2001. Morgan Dollars have always been popular among collectors. Whenever I attended coin shows, I would see so many Morgans. Some people may consider some Morgan Dollars as investments. Putting together a complete set of Morgans would definitely be more difficult than the Peace Dollars. Some of the dates like the 1893-S, 1895, and some of the Carson City dollars are rare.

What do you think about the Morgan and Peace Dollars? Would you consider enrolling for these silver dollars?

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