Have You Got Your Gold Quarter Yet? 6

On September 8th, the second of three centennial coins was released. The Standing Liberty Quarter quarter ounce gold coin has been released by the US Mint in West Point. The Mercury Dime was released back in April and sold out quickly. The Mint is expected to produce 100,000 of these quarters and is also expected to sell out. The price for one of these coins is $485.00.

It looks like Variety I of the original Standing Liberty Quarter released in 1916 and 1917. There are no stars below the eagle on the reverse and one breast is exposed on lady Liberty and the mint mark appears in the obverse. One noticeable difference is  “AU 24K 1/4 OZ” on the obverse.

The Standing Liberty Quarter as well as the Mercury Dime and Walking Liberty Half Dollar were released in 1916 to replace the Barber Dime, Quarter and Half Dollar. It was the wish of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1904 to have different designs for coins. The Lincoln Cent in 1909 and Buffalo Nickel in 1913 as well as some gold coins were the beginning of this new variation of coin design. With the Barber Coins out for 25 years, there was no need of Congress approval to replace them.

Later this year, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar half ounce gold coin will be released as the final centennial coin. Have you purchased the gold Mercury Dime and considering buying the gold Standing Liberty Quarter and Walking Liberty Half Dollar? If you are planning to buy the gold Standing Liberty Quarter, I suggest you do it soon. Supposedly, there was just under 50% sold on the first day.

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6 thoughts on “Have You Got Your Gold Quarter Yet?

  • Healthylifeforpets

    I actually like this site.It is a unique hobby to get into if you know what to look for. You provide that information on your site.I liked how drop downs worked It kept my attention looking through articles. I was surprised to see the centennial pieces made in gold starting this year. I didn’t hear about the release of these. Im sure people will have great investments on these probably better than stock market.If I had the extra $$ I would dabble in coin collecting especially with the new limited runs. I knew someone that was a big time collector and learned a little about coins. He was always telling me what he had and stored in an incredible safe location. I havent seen him in years. I can only imagine the value of what he had. as for your site overall to me very good. I tried to play the match game it wouldn’t work it froze up on me. Anyways I wish you success

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, I can’t buy these coins right now, but hopefully in the future. I’m sorry you couldn’t play the coin match game. This comes from my personal website and I am in the process of moving it to another host this weekend. So, hopefully the coin match, quiz and collection suggestion will be back online in the next day or two.

  • Norman

    Gold quater, this is the first time that i am hesring about gold quaters, gold is very costly and this is very unique. it is amazing to see how many persons are interest in collecting coins, Coins are great to have especailly if they are from what i call acient times, it is amazing the fortune that they are worth. i mean one small coin is worth so much i believe this is one reason why persons are interets. This is great information, thank for sharing.

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment Norman! I don’t think it was well know about these gold centennial coins coming out this year which is too bad. Collectors of course knew, but I would figure if they want to get people to start or get back into coin collecting, they would spread the word. I am hoping that my blog will help do that and make coin collecting popular again.

  • Yousef

    Hi, Kevin,
    Collecting coins looks to some people like a strange hobby. Some people think about spending money in a coin that is too old to be of any value. But I think that many people are fond of past and they could pay a lot for old staff. I thought about why a small statue from the Pharos days can cost thousands of dollars, while you can buy a similar perfect one made nowadays with less than one hundred dollar. It`s the nostalgia for the past, I think.

    • Kevin Post author

      You’re probably right Yousef. To some coin collecting may be a strange hobby but it is just like collecting stamps, cards, etc. Some people will spend a lot of money for a coin as an possible investment. I have done some investing, but I do more collecting and a lot of coins I have aren’t worth much. It’s just the joy of completing the collection and I believe there are a lot of collectors that feel the same as me. My goal is not so much to provide people with investment options, but to have more of an interest in the hobby.