Happy Canada Day! 4

Seeing that it’s Canada Day, I thought I would do a post of my neighbor to the north. The collection was a millennium set released in 2000 that I bought when I was on vacation in the Canadian Maritimes. This collection even has a easel on the back so you can put it on a table like a picture. These Canadians think of everything!

On the easel says the following: “Share Canada’s vision for the future with this second series of Millennium Coins. Selected from over 66,000 designs submitted by Canadians for the ‘Create a Centsation!’ Coin Design Contest, these powerful images express the dreams and aspirations of a nation at the dawn of a new millennium – a legacy of hope for future generations.”

There are 13 prooflike quarters in this set. Each has a different design on one side and Queen Elizabeth on the other. Each coin has a theme with a brief description on the back of the holder. The follow are the themes on the coins with their brief descriptions:

  • Creativity – Expression for All Time
  • Freedom – Strong and Free
  • Community – Canada in the World
  • Pride – Tomorrow Today
  • Ingenuity – Building for Tomorrow
  • Achievement – The Power to Excel
  • Wisdom – The Legacy
  • Family – The Ties that Bind
  • Celebration – Celebrating Our Future
  • Harmony – Hand in Hand
  • Natural Legacy – Our Natural Treasures
  • Health – Quest for a Cure
  • Millennium – The Maple Leaf Forever

Once again, Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  • Alec Terry

    I think you did an excellent job is setting up this coin collecting site as a place where fellow coin collectors can come for thoroughly researched and informative articles on coins.
    I think its really cool that there are so many people interested in keeping history alive through these coins. They really do tell a story.

    Great work!

  • MikeyJ

    Yes Happy Canada Day! Thanks for all the great info I have one of the 2000’s collectible coin sets wall mounted
    I now finally know a little something about it. Probably just going to leave it there until I move and just hang it up again I like looking at it because it reminds me of grinding for every dollar.

    • Kevin Post author

      That’s great! I remember getting this on my first trip to the Maritimes. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a coin from each province. Good thing I read the back.