One of the most difficult things about coin collecting is grading them. Coin grading is a numeric system that rates from 1 (Hardly recognizable) to 70 (Perfect). Circulated coins or coins you would normally find in change grade from 1 to 58 where coins from US mint or proof sets grade from 60 to 70.

This is one aspect I would like to learn and assist others with as we continue through our collective journey. I don’t send my coins to a grading service. So, like you, I have to figure it out for myself or get a second opinion from a friend or dealer. It’s very important to know what grade your coins have. For example, determining whether your coin is graded¬†64 or 65 could change the value of it significantly.


Grade Description
AG-3 (About Good) Details are pretty much flat. All that can be seen are outlines. Rims are completely worn.
G-4 (Good) Coin is very worn. Very little detail. Dates barely noticeable.
VG-8 (Very Good) Few details. Might be able to see LIBERTY on some coins
F-12 (Fine) Coin has medium wear. Some detail still worn.
VF-20 (Very Fine) Medium to light wear. Most details appear.
XF-40 (Extremely Fine) Light wear. Some mint luster.
AU-50 (About Uncirculated) Highest grade for circulated coins. Great detail and luster.
MS-60 to MS-70 (Mint State / Uncirculated) Primarily coins from Mint Sets

If anyone has tips on grading, please add them here.