First Coin Resolution of 2018 – Fulfilled! 4

Back in December 2017, I put together my coin resolutions for 2018,, and the first one was to complete my Peace Dollar collection.

Twenty years ago, in 1998, I started working on getting the 24 coins needed to get all the Peace Dollars. Between 1998 and 2000, I went to local coin shows and collected 23 out of the 24 dollars, but in 2001, I was laid off from my job. Within a few months, I had to stop collecting coins as I couldn’t get a full time job. It wouldn’t be until 14 years later that I would start collecting again.

Time to Complete the Peace Dollar Collection

After finishing my Wartime Nickels collection, 11 uncirculated and 1 proof silver Jefferson Nickels between 1942 and 1945, I looked into getting the 24th Peace Dollar that I needed. I had the rarest one, 1928, but there was one that was still tougher to get, the 1934-S. There were only 360,000 dollar minted in Philadelphia for 1928, but with many of them kept in higher condition, one’s in Very Fine to Almost Uncirculated condition run between $300 and $350 and Uncirculated condition starts at $800. In contrast, there were over a million 1934-S minted and were used more in circulation than the 1928. So, 1934-S dollars in Very Fine to Almost Uncirculated run between $100 and $500 and Uncirculated condition starts at $2,000. That goes to show you that the rarest coin in a collection is not always the most valuable in certain grades.

With Help From My Local Coin Club

Anyway, I attended my local coin club on February 21, 2018, and found that one of the auction items was a choice AU 1934-S Peace Dollar. I had saved about half of the money since December, but I took out the other half and said if no one else bid for it, then I would. Well, as you may have guessed, no one did bid for it, and I won the coin. Twenty years after I started the collection, I finally completed it. If you decide to start collecting, or have been collecting for a short time, I suggest looking for a local coin club. You can get a lot of information from lectures or even individuals who attend often. There are usually people looking to sell coins and some of them have auctions which may help you with your collection like it did me. One of the nicest thing about being a member of a coin club is I can trust my fellow members. One coin I would not have purchased outside of a coin club or coin show is a 1934-S. There are counterfeits out there, and you need to be careful, especially with raw coins.

It Feels Good to Finish a Set

Not only am I glad to complete the Peace Dollars, but also relieved. Even though I only needed one more, I knew it would be tough for me to get. Every time I looked at my Peace Dollars folder, I would see that empty slot and wonder if it would ever be filled. Today, I can say mission accomplished!

What’s Next…

Now that I can put my completed Peace Dollars folder away, what should I work on next?

A couple of years ago, I started put together a short set of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, This includes 20 half dollars between 1941 and 1947. So far, I have 3 of them in MS-64 condition. That leaves 17 to go. It should be difficult to complete, but it will take me a little time.

Last year, I also got a couple of the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver coins which are nice to look at. I might consider getting more of them in the future.

If you decided to collect coins, what would consider working on first? Is there a particular set you would consider collecting and completing? Let me know what you consider doing.

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4 thoughts on “First Coin Resolution of 2018 – Fulfilled!

  • Alice

    When you love collecting items, especially those that prove to be more valuable as time goes by, it excites you every time you complete a set. I know, because I used to collect stamps.

    Although you are still one coin short of finally putting together your Peace Dollar collection, I’d say that’s quite an achievement already, considering how difficult it is to collect coins from many years ago.

    Yup, time to focus on your “Walking Liberty Half Dollars” set. I hope to read great news the next time I’ll check out your site.

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment Alice! I actually did get the last Peace Dollar last week. So, I am finally done with Peace Dollars. 

      Definitely come back! Hopefully, I’ll have more Walking Liberty Halves then. Maybe you’ll consider collecting seeing you once collected stamps.

  • Clay Westfall

    A Peace Dollar collection is quite a feat. I have several finished collections, my favorite being Franklin halves and my pride and joy, a complete Kennedy collection, including all the silvers over the years. Most of my stuff is common grade, because raising kids usually takes most of the extra money we have. It’s been a while since I have talked coins… Thanks for a website that makes me feel at home.


    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment Clay! I have a Franklin Half Dollar collection also. Fortunately, I did that one a long time ago. I was thinking about doing a slab Kennedy Halves collection. Maybe I’ll consider that in between the Walkers short set I want to do. 

      It’s nice to hear from someone who’s into coin collecting. Come back often and let me know how you’re doing!