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Don’t feel like collecting a complete coin set? Try a short set or just certain coins in that collections. Short sets can benefit you two ways:

  1. You can complete a short set quicker and easier.
  2. When you complete the short set, you may consider expanding your collections and possibly complete the collection.

Here are a couple of short sets to consider.

Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1941-1947)1945SWalkingLibertyHalfDollar

This is one of the more popular short sets. It only consists of 20 coins and are all easy to get. No rarities or key dates. You can get one coin from each mint (Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco) except for 1947 since San Francisco didn’t mint any that year.

I said last year that I was going to start a short set. The coin pictured here is the first and only one I had gotten so far. Oh well, one at a time.



Jefferson Wartime Nickels (1942-1945)1943DJeffersonNickel

This one only has 11 coins, all with 35% silver. I suggest doing an uncirculated set since MS-65 nickels are relatively reasonable. Also try looking for Full Steps on Monticello which are tougher to find. I started building one in 2000 and by 2001, I had 9 of the 11. I finished the set in 2016 getting the 1942-S and 1945-P. Although it is considered complete, I’m thinking of adding a 12th coin, the 1942-P silver proof.


Some other possible Short Sets

Is there a Short Set you would consider collecting?

The previous ones I suggested are only a few possibilities. You may think of one that suits you. Let me know what you consider.

Since I said this would be “A Short Post”, I am done.


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4 thoughts on “Collect a Short Set – A Short Post

  • Athar

    Hi Kcorina
    you remind me my childhood days i Redmond my kids to go for collecting the coins encourage this way about many things in educating them, nice information the Liberty Half Dollars is might difficult but i would like to go collect coins then arrange and sort what so you think

    • Kevin Post author

      Is there a particular coin you like the best. Maybe start with a coin book or folder for them. You could do a short set of them. Good luck with your collecting!

  • Tanya

    My son has been collecting coins since he was 6. I will have to share this post with him. He is still collecting and would find this post very valuable. I am not so sure if his is a short collection considering he’s been doing this for a long time and when you look at it, it doesn’t look very short. LOL Do you have any suggestions on the best type of coins to collect and their values?

    • Kevin Post author

      That’s great that he’s been collecting since 6. A short set would only be a part of a collection that is reasonable to collect. I’m hoping to write more posts in the near future.

      In terms of best coins to collect, that is not easy to answer. If he is looking to make money, go for silver and gold coins. In terms of just collecting coins, it is different for each collector. For me, I like Peace Dollars and Kennedy Half Dollars.

      If he doesn’t have one already, I would suggest giving him the red book (because the cover is red). This would give him information on different coins and how much they are worth in different conditions.