Coin Resolutions of 2018 6

What do coin collectors think about when entering a new year. Some are looking for cool coins to collect while others are looking for a future investment. Let’s see what we can or can’t look forward to in 2018.

Say Goodbye to the P Mint Mark on the Penny

The US mint added a “P” mint mark to the Lincoln Cents from Philadelphia in 2017 as part of the 225th anniversary of US coins. This was the first time a United States cent had a “P” mint mark, and it looks like it might be the last since Philadelphia cents will once again have no mint mark in 2018. I’m sure just about everyone in the United States has seen the 2017-P Lincoln Cent by now as many were released in circulation.

New America the Beautiful Quarters

2018 will be the ninth year of the America the Beautiful Quarters, and once again there will be five different designs on the reverse of the Washington Quarter. Here is this year’s list including, finally, my home state:

  • February 5, Michigan, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • April 9, Wisconsin, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
  • June 11, Minnesota, Voyageurs National Park
  • August 27, Georgia, Cumberland Island National Seashore
  • November 13, Rhode Island, Block Island National Wildlife Refuge

There will also be the 5 Ounce Silver Coins with the same designs.

Native American Dollar

Just like the quarters, the Native American Dollar will have a new reverse design. This year’s design will be of sports legend Jim Thorpe (1887-1953). He was a member of the Sac and Fox tribe in modern day Oklahoma. In fact his tribal name, Wa-Tho-Huk meaning Bright Path, will also appear on the coin. He played in Major League Baseball with the New York Giants and six teams with the National Football League. He also won gold medals for the pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. He received many accolades including being called the greatest athlete in the first half of the 20th century and had a town in Pennsylvania named after him.


Two new Commemorative designs will be released in 2018.

First will be the World War I Centennial Silver Dollars. According to the US Mint website, some of the Silver Dollars will be released with individual Medals from each branch of the military, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The second design will commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness which will include a clad Half Dollar, Silver Dollar and $5 Gold Piece.

My 2018 New Year’s Resolution?

2017 saw me completing my NGC Wartime Nickel Set which includes 11 MS-67 Silver Nickels between 1942 and 1945 and the 1942-P Silver Nickel Proof. Now that I have that done, I can work on getting the last Peace Dollar. I have 23 out of 24 Peace Dollars and hopefully this will be the year I complete it. After that, I can either go back to working on the short set of 1941 to 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollars or collect some more 5 ounce America the Beautiful quarters.

If you collect coins, or are considering starting, what would be your Coin Resolutions for 2018?

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6 thoughts on “Coin Resolutions of 2018

  • Win Bill

    Actually if you didn’t mention the tiny little “P” on the pennies, I wouldn’t even realize that it is there. I better pay more attention to the 2017 pennies now. They might be worth something in the future.

    As for the peace dollar. Congratulations to you. You are almost done. Hopefully getting the 28th one won’t be too difficult. Is it expensive though?

    Some friends I know are also trying to collect quarters made in the seventies or something. They said that they are made of silver. Is that true? Just curious, because when I go to the laundromat, the first thing I deal with is a bunch of quarters. If any of them are made of silver, then I probably would be checking more carefully now.

    Since you collect coins, I am sure you have heard of the famous “aluminum” pennies made back then right? They were worth a lot if you could recover any. Unfortunately, all of them has already been recollected and stored away as historical artifacts.

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment! If you haven’t seen the 2017-P penny yet, don’t worry. There are plenty out there.

      I have to get rolls of quarters for laundry too and on rare occasion,  find a silver one. There hasn’t been a silver quarter in circulation since 1964, so you won’t find any in the seventies. 

      The last Peace Dollar I need is going to be expensive because many were melted. I’m trying to save up for it. 

      They did attempt to mint aluminum cents back in 1974, but we’re unsuccessful. I don’t think the government would be too happy if someone still  had one.

  • Noah

    I do not own many old coins myself but this is interesting, I to had bot noticed the “p” mark on the 2017 pennies until reading this post. If course I had to go through my penny bank just to find one to look at in person… I recently purchased a Donald Trump Republican US Gold Plated Eagle Coin off a friend of min just because he needed some cash and I found it interesting. I would never have guessed there would one day be a coin with Trump on the face. I have been thinking of starting a new coin collection, where do you suggest to shop for the best prices?

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment Noah! I had to look up the Trump US Gold Plated Eagle Coin because I hadn’t heard of it. It looks like a Kennedy Half Dollar with Trump’s face in place of John F. Kennedy. Pretty interesting.

      That’s great that you’re interested in starting a coin collection. Before you start buying, I suggest getting a Red Book which gives you an idea on how much US Coins are worth. I’m sure there are websites you can check out too. I think Numismedia is still out there with Fair Market Values. I don’t usually go to coin shops because they are looking to make a profit. I try to go to coin shows from time to time. Ebay has a good online coin source but I usually only deal with seller with at least 99% positive ratings.

      Good luck with your collection, and let me know how you’re doing.

  • Robert Goddard

    My 2018 goal is too continue working on my Type Set, getting all the moderns out of the way. But more specifically to add one or two more pieces to the 1907 proof set. I am thinking Indian Head cent and Barber Dime would be the easiest. And, but, also, a $2.5 Indian.

    If I somehow come into a windfall, then I could scope out a Rhode Island Ship Token, as I’ve seen quite a few become available lately. Then my Rhode Island set would be complete! For those perusing that would be a set of the RI State quarters, Mint State and Proofs, Clad and Silver which are 7 coins, then the 3 1936 RI Commemorative Half Dollars in Mint State, for a total of 10 coins. Only the Ship Token remains!

    So basically, 2018 goals are the same as 2017!

    • Kevin Post author

      That’s great Bob! I bet you’ll get the proof Indian Cent and Barber Dime this year. Speaking of the $2.5 Indian, 4 of the guys from coin club gave a presentation on the $2.5 and $5 Indian either October or November up in Norwich because that was the home of the designer, Bela Lyon Pratt and they did a run through at one of the meetings. Very interesting! Hope you’ll be able to get back to coin club soon.

      I’m going to try for the 1934-S Peace Dollar this year and finish the set. Started saving up again. Don’t know if I’ll be able to get an AU, but maybe an XF.

      Hope you make your goals this year and see you soon!