Coin Match Game

I wanted to build a simple coin game that collectors would not only enjoy playing, but maybe learn a little more about coins. Well, here is my first attempt. The premise is simple, you match the obverse of a coin with its reverse.

In this game, there are 24 coins on the screen, 12 obverses and 12 reverses. You have 30 seconds to match all 12.

coin match game

For example, looking at the screen on the right, you would click on the obverse of the Kennedy Half Dollar, then click on the reverse and both coins will go away. Once all the coins are gone, or 30 seconds have expired, a banner will display showing the time that completed and your score.

There are two levels in this game. Level One has only 20th century coins. Level Two has a combination of 19th and 20th century coins. Once you finish Level Two, you can restart the game back to Level One.

Please give the game a try and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Click Here to Start the Game.