Am I a Collector or an Investor? 4

I get asked this question a lot. Though I do both, I think I’m more of a collector. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to make some money for my collection, but I have more fun collecting coins. Here are a couple of examples of my collector side:

Washington State Quarters

State Quarter Map

When the US Mint started minting Washington Quarters with a different state design on the reverse in 1999, they put together an album of a United States map with a spot to put a quarter for each state. So, every time a new quarter came out, it would be put on the map. With 5 different state quarters released each year, the final quarters didn’t come out until 2008. I’ve got to admit one thing though, I was looking at this and noticed I forgot to add the Hawaii coin. Fortunately, I found one and the map is complete. The point of this is I don’t expect these quarters to be worth more than…a quarter. This just gave me something to collect.

National Park Quarters

National Park Quarters

Last year, I went to the New Hampshire Coin Show in Manchester, NH. While there, I purchased a Walking Liberty Half Dollar in MS-64. As I walked to the different tables, I found one that had coin albums. I ended up buying this one above that has holes for every Philadelphia and Denver coin for each National Park between 2010 and 2021. Unlike the State Quarter Map, I was a few years behind. I’ve got many of the Philadelphia Quarters living on the east coast. Only have a few of the Denver coins. I got a couple of San Francisco quarters, but they started those in 2012 which was after this album was made. Darn!

If You’re Going to Collect, Collect

There’s nothing wrong collecting something simple. It gives you a sense of accomplishment while you work on other sets. I’m working on Peace Dollar and Type Set, but these take time to complete. In the meantime, I can look in my pocket and see if I can find another National Park Quarter that I need.

How about you? Is there a simple collection out there for you? If you’re not interested in quarters, how about Sacagawea or Presidential Dollars? If you want a longer set, you could do Lincoln Memorial Cents. It’s up to you.

One more thing – If you find a National Park Quarter with a ‘D’ mint mark and don’t need it for laundry, let me know.

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4 thoughts on “Am I a Collector or an Investor?

  • rule2020

    Wow! It’s really amazing to see your collection of US coins.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your US coin collection. It gives people like me who are not so familiar with US coins some clear ideas how they look like.
    I can strongly relate to your article because I’m a collector too. I’m collecting paper bills from different countries whenever I travel, because like you I’m having more fun by merely looking at my collections. It makes me really happy.
    Good luck to you and to your coin collection hobby. Continue to do what makes you happy.
    Wishing you to have more.

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment! That’s great that you are collecting paper money from countries that you have been to. I’m glad it makes you happy because I think that counts the most. Good luck on your collection and keep going!

  • scott

    Hi I love your websire. I myself used to be a coin collector. Your collection is huge though I think that in due time this website could be big. Just think of it like this one day the world might not have these coin but you will and a few others. People will know what they look like because of someone like you who cares about the history and collecting coins. I think your website is awesome.