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In 1916, the Barber Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars would be replaced. Mercury DimeThis would be the 25th year that the Barbers would be minted. So, the US Mint didn’t need Congress to pass an act to replace them. Twelve years earlier, President Theodore Roosevelt was looking for design changes in coins. This began with all of the gold coins, the Lincoln Cent, and the Buffalo Nickel.

So 1916 would bring in three new designs. First, the Winged Liberty Head Dime, popularly known as the Mercury Dime because more people thought it looked like the Roman god Mercury. The Mercury Dime would last until 1945 when President Franklin Roosevelt died. Roosevelt would replace the Mercury Dime in 1946.

The Standing Liberty Quarter would replace the Barber Quarter in 1916. Standing Liberty QuarterThe quarter would only last until 1930 because the coins in circulation would wear down in a short period of time. Like the Buffalo Nickel, the Standing Liberty Quarters dates would not be seen on many worn down coins. The Washington Quarter would replace it in 1932.

The final new coin of 1916 was the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Considered one of the most beautiful circulated coins in the United States,  it would last the longest of the three new coins, minted until 1947. The Franklin Half Dollar would replace it in 1948.

In 2016, the US Mint would release each of these coins in gold. As of this posting, the Mercury Dime was the only one released, back in April. The Walking Liberty Half Dollarsupposedly sold out of 125,000 of them in under an hour. The Mercury Dime was released with 1/10th ounce gold. The Standing Liberty Quarter will be released later in the year as 1/4 ounce gold and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar at 1/2 ounce gold.

What a way to celebrate a time when different designs would be allowed in US coins setting the scene for coin designs today. What do you think of the various designs of coins?

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4 thoughts on “A Centennial for 3 US Coins

  • Jyl

    I think The Standing Liberty Quarter is a really strange looking coin… is the design actually sunken in as opposed to protruding…? If so, I’ve never seen anything like that before. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar is the most recognisable of all of these – to me anyways. It’s really cool that the US Mint will re-release these this year. I hope you’ve got your name down for a few!! :):):)

    • Kevin Post author

      The Standing Liberty Quarter was not a popular coin compared to the others. It barely lasted 15 years. There were two types. From 1916 – 1917, there was a beast showing. You can imagine the controversy. So, the mint would cover the breast later in 1917 till the end in 1930.

      Will have to save up to get this year’s coins since all 3 will be gold.

  • 2happyfeet2

    The coins you have featured are amazing to see. The historical value of the coins are a lesson in history. If someone was interested in building a coin collection, what pieces would you suggest to them? I had a coin collection stolen and I have started to rebuild it. The state quarters are all I have so far and would like to find more coins that have value. Thank you for your time and I enjoyed your website.

    • Kevin Post author

      Hey Patty, thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear about your collection getting stolen. Even if it wasn’t valuable, I am sure you spent quite some time putting it together.

      There are a lot of State Quarters to collect. If you are looking for something else to collect, how about Jefferson Nickels or Franklin Half Dollars. Jefferson are easy but they have been art since 1938 so there are quite a few out there. In contrast there are only 35 Franklin Half Dollars between 1948 and 1963. They are all silver and a circulated set would be easy to put together.

      Good luck on your collection and let me know if you need help.