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A few posts ago, I mentioned about the US Mint secretly releasing a Lincoln Cent with, for the first time, a ‘P’ mint mark. At that time, I hadn’t found one, but a week ago, I found the cent above in change. The mint mark on this penny was done as part of a celebration for the 225th Anniversary of the US Mint. Next year, Philadelphia cents will go back to no mint mark.

Most people will ask if this will be rare. I’m afraid not. It would had been interesting if only a small portion of the 2017 Lincoln Cents from Philadelphia had a ‘P’ mint mark, but I think all of the Philadelphia pennies this year will have the mint mark.  With this being a secret from the mint, a number of people may think that they are minted from Denver. After all, the Denver mint mark ‘D’ has been on coin since 1906 and with a small mint mark on the cent, people may mistake the ‘P’ with a ‘D’, unless they look real close.

April 2nd is the 225th Anniversary of the first coin Act of Congress that would establish the United States Mint in Philadelphia, which was the United States capital at the time. It has been located in 4 different locations during that time.

  • 1st Location (1792 – 1833) – 631 Filbert Street at 7th Street
  • 2nd Location (1833 – 1901) – Chestnut Street and Juniper Street
  • 3rd Location (1901 – 1973) – 1700 Spring Garden Street (NOTE: Toward top left of the map)
  • 4th Location (1969 – Present) 151 North Independence Mall East

With the celebration of the 225th Anniversary will be the first of four 24 Karat gold Liberty coins. The first one will have an African American as Liberty with a crown of stars. The denomination will be 100 dollars and be one ounce of gold. Future Libertys will be Asian-American, Hispanic-American, and Indian-American. The coins are designed to the United States cultural and ethical diversity. It is a nice idea, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to afford them at this time. At least I’ll have the Lincoln Cent as part of the anniversary.

I am planning to visit the Philadelphia Mint this week for the first time. They say it’s a self guided tour and it’s free. I doubt I’ll be able to take pictures inside, but I’ll try to post what I saw in my next article. If you have been to the Mint Building, let me know. I’d like to know what you thought about it.

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2 thoughts on “225 Years

  • Leo

    I have always been interested in the collection of notes, currencies, phone cards and more. I find that these items preserve heritage and showcase a country’s culture. The 24 Karat gold Liberty coins produced in celebration of the 225th Anniversary mentioned in your article also looked very interesting. Will definitely love to lay my hands on one if I have the money!

    • Kevin Post author

      Thanks for the comment Leo! I hope you are able to get the Liberty coin. I don’t think I will be able to afford one at this time.