2020 West Point Nickels

2019 was a big year for getting coins minted from the West Point Mint. For the collectors, there were three West Point Lincoln Cents. First, there was the proof cent included with the Proof Set. Then, there was the reverse proof cent included with the Silver Proof Set. Lastly came the mint state cent in the annual Mint Set. While these sets were released, West Point also minted 10 million quarters into circulation.

With the popularity of West Point’s releases, the mint will release another 10 million quarters into circulation during 2020 and include 2020-W nickels in the three collector sets.

West Point Cents of 2019

This all started with the West Point Mint producing three different 2019 Lincoln Cents and putting in each of the yearly collector sets as I stated above. If you purchased each of them, you might have noticed a few flaws. First of all, they put the 2019-W cents in a separate wrapping from the actual collector set. If you weren’t careful when you opened the outer box, the cent could come flying out. Each set also contained an envelope for the cent. So, why didn’t they just put the cent in that envelope themselves instead of telling us to do it. There was one final thing that most collectors were upset about, and I don’t blame them. There were two spots on the top of the proof cents. That’s something you don’t want to see, especially if you want them graded. Hopefully, some collectors did not have ones with spots.

There was one nice thing that happened for some collectors. On March 4, 2019, the US Mint website accidentally had the 2019-W proof cents for face value. That’s right, one cent! 921 lucky collectors were able to take advantage of this offer before they were taken off the website. Sorry I missed that.

In term of value, I only found the proof cent in the USA Coin Book website going for $4.20 as of January 2020. I looked in Amazon and they were selling the proof cent for $16.99, the reverse proof for $15.99, and the uncirculated for $18.99. In case you are looking for perfection, a reverse proof in PR-70 is being sold for $229.

First Nickels With A “W”

Just like the 2019 Lincoln Cent was the first cent out of West Point with a “W” mint mark, 2020 will be the first time a nickel has a “W” on it. On February 27, 2020, the yearly Proof Sets will be released and will include a proof 2020-W Jefferson Nickel. Fair warning! According to the US Mint website, it will be in a separate plastic wrapper from the rest of the proof set just like the cent from the previous year.

Next will come the Silver Proof Set that includes a reverse proof 2020-W Jefferson Nickel. The final set will be the annual Mint Set that will contain a 2020-W mint state nickel. So, by summer, all three nickels should be out.

What’s Next? The Dime?

If the Mint does decide to release 2021-W Dimes, they won’t be the first ones that came out of West Point. The 1996 Mint Set included a 1996-W dime to honor the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt Dime. This dime helped the mint produce 1,457,949 mint sets for 1996. There was only one year between 1997 and 2018 that had a higher mintage than 1996, but even with the higher mintage, the 1996 Mint Set has the highest value than any other mint set made in the 1990s. Maybe the 2019-W Lincoln Cent and 2020-W Jefferson Nickel will increase the mintage and maybe the value of the respective Mint Sets.

You Could Create Your Own West Point Set

That’s right! If you’re creative, you can build a West Point Type Set. Here’s what you can include for this:

  • 2019-W Lincoln Cents (Proof, Reverse Proof, and Uncirculated)
  • 2020-W Jefferson Nickel (Proof, Reverse Proof, and Uncirculated)
  • 1996-W Roosevelt Dime (Uncirculated)
  • 2019-W Washington Quarter (Circulated) – either one for the year, or get all 5 different America the Beautiful Quarters
  • 2020-W Washington Quarter (Circulated) – either one for the year, or get all 5 different America the Beautiful Quarters
  • 2014-W Silver Kennedy Half Dollar (Reverse Proof)
  • 2014-W Gold Kennedy Half Dollar – Optional – I say this because some coin collectors wouldn’t consider this a complete set without including this coin. Personally, if I decided to do this type set, I probably wouldn’t consider including this one.
  • American Eagle Silver Dollars (Proof, Reverse Proof, and Uncirculated) – There are various years for each condition.
  • Commemoratives – West Point has been minting commemoratives since the 1980s. You could include some commemoratives.

You could do an uncertified set, though a PCGS or NGC set would be more fun and more profitable.

Will You Be Purchasing The 2020 Collector Sets?

These sets will get you the 2020-W Proof, Reverse Proof and Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels. Like I said earlier, I hope they package them better than the Lincoln Cents they released in 2019. Are you looking forward to these Jefferson Nickels?

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