If you’re like me, you were disappointed with the fiasco of the pre-sale of the first two Morgan Dollars on May 24, 2021. With the small supply of each dollar (175,000 minted) and huge demand, the US Mint was going crazy with orders. I’m wondering why the small mintage and […]

Could Silver Reach $100 an Ounce?

Looking at my numismatic life lasting over 40 years, I have completed a number of sets including Franklin Half Dollars and Peace Dollars. However, there is one folder that I have had since I started collecting coins that I never completed, the Lincoln Cent 1909 – 1940 folder. In The […]

One Lincoln Cent Hole to Fill

On April 10, 2021, my friend and I did the unthinkable. We drove two and a half hours to Manchester, NH to attend a Coin Show. It had been two years since we went to one, and we had planned on going to this one in April 2020. Of course, […]

Return to the Coin Show

Back in 2019, I wrote an article about a Congressional Act to produce silver dollars in 2021 to commemorate the centennials of the last year of the Morgan Dollar and the first year of the Peace Dollar. With what had gone on since then, it didn’t seem like this would […]

2021 Silver Dollars

As 2020 comes to a close, one historical event still remains, the arrival of the Pilgrims to America in 1620. In November 1620, they landed in what is now known as Provincetown, MA at the northern tip of Cape Cod. It wouldn’t be until December that Plymouth would be founded. […]

Thanksgiving Day Coins

It’s March 2020, and if you’re like me, you’ve been told to stay home until further notice. The world is going through a pandemic that hasn’t been seen in our lifetime. States are closing borders and people are getting sick and losing their jobs. I’ve been lucky so far as […]

Coin Collector Stuck At Home