What if I told you that we may see a Morgan or Peace Dollar in the future? It could be a possibility if Congress passes H.R. 3757. If passed, there could be 2021 Commemorative Morgan and Peace Dollars. These coins will commemorate the centennial of the last year of Morgan […]

Return of the Silver Dollar?

Denver is one of four US Mint branches currently minting coins, along with Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point. I always thought the Philadelphia Mint was the highest producer of coins in the world, but it is actually the Denver Mint that produces more. If you look at circulating coins […]

Denver to a Coin Collector

Well, first full year of the American Innovation Dollar and so far, I have yet to see any new ones. I figured we would see the first one in February or March, but no such luck. What is the US Mint up to when it comes to these new dollars? […]

Where Are The American Innovation Dollars?

A while back, I wrote about going through some cent and nickel rolls to see what I would find. Going through 10 cent rolls, I did not find one Lincoln Wheat Cent, not one. The earliest date that I discovered was a 1959 Lincoln Memorial Cent. Now I know people […]

Coin Roll Hunters 2

Seeing that there have been West Point Lincoln Cents and Washington Quarters released in 2019, I thought it would be interesting to talk about that Mint Branch. Back in 2017, I visited the Philadelphia Mint Building and got to see the history of US coins, but there is a mint […]

West Point Mint

In January 2019, the United States was introduced to a 2019-W Proof Lincoln Cent that was included in the 2019 Proof Set. Collectors were excited about this until they received the Proof Set. The 2019-W Lincoln Cent was in its separate plastic container. The US mint did not even put […]

2019 West Point Quarters