A couple of weeks ago, my mom was going through a catalog and saw something she thought I would like. If you know me, I’m a Boston Red Sox fan, and 2018 was one of their best years including winning their 4 World Series in 15 years. Anyway, my mom […]

A Coin Collecting Christmas – 2018

For my latest birthday, my best friend and coin collecting partner gave me this poster designed by PCGS. If you look at it, it does looks like a periodic chart. This chart shows the 121 circulating coins of the United States from when the US Mint first opened in 1793 […]

The Periodic Table of US Coins

I’ve spoken about many of the United States 20th century coins, but noticed I haven’t mentioned many of Charles Barber’s coins. Charles Barber was the Chief Engraver of the US Mint from 1879 to 1917. He succeeded his father, William Barber, as Chief Engraver. He designed many coins including the […]

Collecting Liberty Nickels

I just came back from my time off. During that time I spent two days in Philadelphia to go to my first American Numismatic Association (ANA) show. Living a few hours away, I thought it would be a good chance to check out the show. UsualIy, the show are out […]

Philadelphia and the ANA Show

In an earlier post, I spoke about how there may be a new American dollar in the future. This becomes a fact later in 2018, when the first American Innovation Dollar will be released. A New Dollar Coin In 2016, the last three Presidential Dollars were minted displaying Richard Nixon, […]

American Innovation Dollar Becomes a Reality

Can you imagine owning 16,000 Morgan Dollars, let alone see that many? I’ve seen a number of dealers at coin shows, but I’m sure if I counted them all, they would not had come anywhere near 16,000. Recently, the National Guaranty Corporation (NGC) received these Morgan Dollars from the heirs […]

16,000 Morgan Dollars